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Symposium international

Le Mans Université est partenaire de l’organisation d’une manifestation scientifique tripartie sur les matériaux (Chine-France-Maroc) à Shanghai en partenariat avec l’Institut de Céramiques de Shanghai, l’Académie des Sciences de Chine, l’Académie des Sciences du Maroc et les universités marocaines partenaires à Casablanca et Fès.

Le Mans Université sera représentée par son président Rachid El Guerjouma avec la participation de Jean-Marc Greneche et Abdelhadi Kassiba de l’IMMM.

2019 ’ISFNMC’ International Symposium on Functional Nanomaterials and Ceramics

11-14 June 2019 - Shanghai – China

019’ISFNMC’ International Symposium is a prime meeting focusing on the recent advances on functional nanostructured materials and ceramics. Original contributions related to new classes of materials and nanostructured architectures are privileged as well as those including characterizations of the structure, electric, magnetic and optical features. Both fundamental and experimental approaches are relevant to the
objectives of the symposium with a particular interest on the applications of functional nanomaterials and ceramics in challenging area such as energy, environment, sensors, devices... The event 019’ISFNMC’, provides the platform for the exchange and scientific discussions between researchers and engineers from academia, industries and universities. In parallel to 019’ISFNMC’, a satellite meeting of cooperation China- Morocco-France will be organized to define some key actions and future collaborative developments between theparticipants including interdisciplinary and cross-coupled research projects.

The topics of 019’ISFNMC’ Symposium will be focused on the following area :

1. High Performance Electronic Ceramic Structure and Energy Storage Technology
2. Functional Nanostructured Oxide Materials
3. High Performance Intelligent Electronic Ceramics
4. Preparation and Characterization of New Functional materials
5. Preparation and Application of Lead-free Piezoelectric Ceramics
6. Photoactive Oxides and related properties for multidisciplinary research.

Chairman of 2019ISFNMC symposium
Prof. Guorong Li
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai , China
Email : Tel : 18019098070

Co-Chairmen of 2019ISFNMC symposium
Prof. Abdelilah Benyoussef, Academy of Sciences and Technology, Rabat, Morocco
Prof. Said Ouaskit, Laboratory of Condensed Matter, Casablanca University , Morocco
Prof. Izzeddine Zorkani, Nanomaterials and Renewable Energies Laboratory, Fes University , Morocco
Prof. Abdelhadi Kassiba, Institute of Molecules and Materials – CNRS – Le Mans University, France

Abstracts submission deadline May.15, 2019.

The contributions can be made as oral (20 minutes) or poster presentations.
The language of the Symposium will be English


Secretary of the symposium : Prof. Jiang tao Zeng ; Email :

We are looking forward to see you at 2019ISFNMC in Shanghai

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