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Career opportunities
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Career opportunities

Career opportunities for the path "Research in Acoustics" (MR AC)

The applications of acoustics cover many sectors of activity that affect:
- the problems of sound (with all their attendant areas of expertise domains in terms of discomfort and sound quality)
- the infrasound (and its applications on a global scale, for example),
- the ultrasound and hypersound (and their industrial and medical applications for the evaluation and control)

all involving the propagation in solid, liquid, gas and multiphase medium in infinite, semi infinite or closed spaces.

These applications have growing requirements in terms of analytical and numerical modeling and in terms of experimental characterization and signal processing.
In addition, the acoustic jobs have experienced radical changes in recent decades and are led to substantial changes in the next decades.
This is the main objective of the training to respond by fundamental courses adapted, by all these requirements, in preparing future scientists, research and study engineers, (and all professionals of high level of the acoustic profession).

PhD thesis - Researchers, research engineers in the research and development departments of companies or public research institutions.

Career opportunities of the path "Environment Acoustics: Transport, Building, City" (AETBV)

The reduction of transport noise is an environmental problem of society.

Their mission is to participate in the writing of specifications, to the establishment of noise maps, to suggest solutions in design (predictive acoustics, in relation with the R&D engineers), to improve the acoustic quality of existing products or structures for the sake of sustainable development.

They may also intervene in acoustic protection consulting companies, in inspection and certification bodies and associations and in those working to reduce noise pollution.

It aims to train professionals who are open to dialogue, able to understand the work of acoustic engineers in industrial research departments and to appreciate a commercial strategy with regard to a customer requirement or an expertise procedures in the context of legal action.

Acoustic engineer in acoustic design offices, consulting firms or consulting firms, companies operating or managing infrastructures, local authorities, etc.

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