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Presentation of the master and its courses

The Master in Acoustics of the University of Maine offers a solid training in the main fields of fundamental and applied acoustics: Physical acoustics, Non-linear acoustics and aeroacoustics, Acoustics of condensed matter, Electroacoustics, Vibroacoustics, Musical acoustics and room acoustics , Perception and psychoacoustics, Physiological acoustics, Experimental methods in acoustics, Numerical methods in acoustics, etc.

1st year

The student discover and deepen via:
- A common path in order to give the student the basic knowledge in acoustics
- Specific modules for each acoustic specialty

2nd year

The student can choose between two main paths:
- Research in Acoustics (MR AC)
- Environmental Acoustics: Transport, Building, City (AETBV)

These two paths have a common base of fundamental modules and specific modules.

At the end of the Master’s program, a 4- to 6-month internship is required in a laboratory, a large organization or a company.

During the course of the Master, foreign language courses and scientific courses taught in English allow the student to improve his/her level in English.

Case of the IMDEA path: a 2-year path

A third path exists in the Master in Acoustics. This international selective path entitled "International Master’s Degree in Electro-Acoustics (IMDEA) is a two-year path, the first two semesters of the M1 comprising 65% and 50% common courses with other courses. To learn more about the IMDEA course, visit the dedicated website.

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