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Master 1st Year
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The first year of the Master in Acoustics is an undifferentiated year for pursuing studies in Master 2 Acoustics, with the exception of the path "International Master’s Degree in Electro-Acoustics" (IMDEA) which proposes specific courses in this first year (about 57% of courses in common, however).


Admission is subject to the decision of the pedagogical committee. All students holding a bachelor’s degree in Acoustics, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics, EEA, ... or outgoing from an engineering school must submit their application through the web application e-candidate (more information here).

After the examination of the file by the pre-selection jury, the applicants receive a notice of decision.

First semester (S1)

Common courses 26 ECTS credits
Refresher courses 5 ECTS credits
Acoustics 1 6 ECTS credits
Transducers 2 ECTS credits
Fluid mechanics 2 ECTS credits
Mechanics of continuous media 3 ECTS credits
Maths for acoustics 3 ECTS credits
Numerical methods 2 ECTS credits
English 2 ECTS credits
Project management 1 ECTS credits
Conference 0 ECTS credits
Specialization courses units (UEP) : choose 2 among 4 ECTS credits
Physics of musical instruments 2 ECTS credits
Room acoustics 1 2 ECTS credits
Thermodynamics 2 ECTS credits
Maxwell’s equations 2 ECTS credits

Second semester (S2)

Common courses 24 ECTS credits
Acoustics 2 6 ECTS credits
Modal analysis 1 ECTS credits
Continuous system vibrations 2 ECTS credits
Vibrations experiments 2 ECTS credits
Maths for acoustics 2 2 ECTS credits
Signal analysis 3 ECTS credits
Exp. methods for acoustics & vibrations 1 ECTS credits
English 2 ECTS credits
Scientific writing 1 ECTS credits
Project 4 ECTS credits
Specialization courses units (UEP) : choose 3 UE among 6 ECTS credits
Transmission lines 2 ECTS credits
Introduction to NDT 2 ECTS credits
Introduction of nonlinear ac & vib 2 ECTS credits
Outside propagation and urban acoustics 2 ECTS credits
Room acoustics 2 2 ECTS credits
Mechanics of composites 2 ECTS credits
Rheology of thermoelasticity 2 ECTS credits
Advanced math. 2 ECTS credits
Optic method for acoustics 2 ECTS credits
Philosophy and sciences history 2 ECTS credits
Intro. to quantum mechanics 2 ECTS credits

Semester in another university:

The possibility is given to the students who wish to make their second semester in another University in France or abroad.
The research of the university is given to the initiative of the student in a way to develop his autonomy. His project must be validated before his departure by the chairperson of the program. Subject to passing the exams at the host university and under terms determined case by case in consultation with the teaching team, the ECTS credits for the second semester will be granted to the student.

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