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Master 2nd Year
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The second year of the Master in Acoustics is the year of specialization between:

In the second year, the students who followed the path "International Master’s Degree in Electro-Acoustics" (IMDEA) are led to specialize even more in Electro-Acoustics.


Admission in 2nd year is based on application and is decided by a jury, on the basis of the results obtained in the 1st year of a master achieved either at the University of Maine or at another university.

Case of students having completed their 1st year of Master in Acoustics
Depending on the planned path, "Research in Acoustics" or "Environmental Acoustics: Transport, Building, City", particular attention will be paid to the results of Master 1 in some fundamental subjects (Mathematics, Acoustics, Fluid Mechanics ...). For example, the mathematical requirements for a student applying to the MR AC path are higher than those for a student applying to the M AETBV path.

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