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Master 2nd Year
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Environnemental Acoustics: Transport, Buildings, City (AETBV)

This training is aimed at giving students who have a good scientific knowledge, a global training on the problems of noise pollution emitted by transportation vehicles under various aspects :
- technological, physiological and psychological, ergonomic, sociological, standards, regulatory and legislative, legal and strategic) and
- environmental with a sustainable development way in relation with all the actors (industries, manufacturers, public authorities and associations).

The path “Environnemental Acoustics : Transport, Buildings, City" (AETBV) has an agreement with the two acoustic major organisms. The students have courses outside the University, they can benefit from the equipments and the skills of the researchers and engineers on each site.

IFSTTAR (Institut français des sciences et technologies des transports, de l’aménagement et des réseaux) French institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks
Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) Scientific and Technical Centre for Building

1st Semester (S1)

Common courses of M2 Reserach ------ 7,5 ECTS credits
Numerical methods 2,5 ECTS credits
Psychoacoustics 2,5 ECTS credits
English 2,5 ECTS credits
Vocational training courses ------------- 7,5 ECTS credits
LYON 2,5 ECTS credits
NANTES 2,5 ECTS credits
GRENOBLE 2,5 ECTS credits
M2 AETBV courses ------------------------- 7,5 ECTS credits
Physiological acoustics 2,5 ECTS credits
Numerics in vibroacoustics 2,5 ECTS credits
Experimental methods 2,5 ECTS credits
Vocational training courses ------------- 7,5 ECTS credits
Expert courses + case study 5 ECTS credits
Legal aspect of noise 2,5 ECTS credits

2nd semestre (S2)

Professional Internship - 6 months ----------- for 30 ECTS credits
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