Etudiant en Master 2 Acoustique





  "My experience in the Acoustics lab of UNSW, Sydney, Australia has been a real pleasure and it taught me what is the work of a researcher about. My supervisors and colleagues followed my project with attention and created an ideal work environment during the 6 months spent in their lab. I helped them studying the physics of voice production while speaking or singing. For this, I was doing experiments mainly on my own voice, singing into 1 to 5 meters pipes and using electrodes placed on my neck. We also brought experienced singers in the lab to extend our study but I enjoyed a lot being my own subject. The subject was not clearly defined from the beginning of the project and I enjoyed developing my own "on the go", always while being guided by my supervisors.


Moreover, living between the campus and the beach, I enjoyed my student life in a lovely campus as a student and academic staff of the Physics Faculty. I've been part of several weekends away organised by the Windsurfing, Surfing, and Catamaran club as well as the Handball club for local and international competitions. The campus and the city offers the student life you want with a lot of different student societies about many different topics, cultures, sports and interests. There are also many different beaches along the coast with possibilities of snorkelling and surfing next door to uni for those who likes the sun and the see.


Sydney is a beautiful city with a high, but expensive, life quality. I would like to thank deeply the IA-GS for helping me spending an enriching and sunny life along the east coast of Australia. I am not the first student from Le Mans University doing an internship at UNSW and hopefully not the last one, I recommend anybody to study there but also anywhere else. Studying abroad is always enriching, I can tell that I learned a lot and not only scientifically speaking. Being on the opposite side of the world I extended my journey in New Zealand spending a gap year abroad, tbreath before starting a PhD."


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