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The International Master's Degree in ElectroAcoustics offers students the possibility to learn the fundamentals in electroacoustics and in related fields.

The program offers a specialized education in:

  • electroacoustics
  • mechanics and materials
  • transducers (loudspeakers, microphones)
  • acoustic loads and acoustic radiation
  • real time signal processing

The master’s program prepares students for careers dealing with different aspects of electroacoustics which require strong analytical and research skills, whether in the public or private sectors and for PhD studies or research activities.


Contenu de la formation

The detailed program can be downloaded at the top of the page.

Contrôle des connaissances

Les modalités sont disponibles en ligne  

rubriques :

  • Modalités de contrôle des connaissances générales
  • Modalités de contrôle des connaissances spécifiques à chaque formation


Condition d'accès

To candidate to the IMDEA program, a specific procedure should be followed, the details of which can be found here. The initial step is to contact us (imdeacoustics @ and expressed your interest in our program.

Et après

Insertion professionnelle

75% working in a company (electroacoustic engineer), 25% working as PhD fellow 

Electro Acoustics is an exciting area with multi-disciplinary studies of signal, electronics, sound and vibration phenomena. Our graduates are employed world-wide by companies, research centres and authorities involved in hearing aid systems, telephones, transducer manufacturing, audio-system engineering, sound and vibrations measurement equipment.

Typical examples of career opportunities as a specialist in electroacoustics are :

  • Consumer electronics (phones, multimedia, nomad devices)
  • Public address systems in buildings
  • High power sound reinforcement for shows and events
  • Transducers for automotive, aeronautical and rail transport
  • Environment & health (noise reduction, hearing aids, …)

Results (in French) of the ministery inquiry about the insertion of the graduated students from the International Master’s Degree in Electroacoustics




Responsable pédagogique M1

Email : bruno.gazengel @

MELON Manuel

Responsable pédagogique M2

Email : manuel.melon @


Coordinatrice administrative M1 et M2

Email : imdeacoustics @

UFR Sciences et Techniques - Scolarité

Email : sco-sciences @

Lieu(x) de la formation

  • Le Mans
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